Content in 360°: Panorama Marketing

Content-driven, focused on storytelling and packed with features, our 360 Panorama Marketing sets a new standard for a customer journey that allows you to highlight individual strengths and re-imagine marketing them. Tailored for destination development and tourism, we can help you make full use of social media while creating a VR-ready user experience for all mobile and desktop devices.


Full-fledged campaigns that include both classic and social media advertising and a strong take on performance marketing: these are the master tools for a long-term marketing strategy as well as sustainable brand development. Campaign waves to boost off-season lows and other goals can be fine-tuned to micro target groups and can even be built around our virtual marketing technologies.

Corporate Publishing

Real News: Trade magazines and books carry a different weight than posts and tweets. Quality journalistic content, top design, prospective development and marketing can neatly exert publications as part of an image campaign and push the development of new target groups and markets.

First Aid

Small- or mid-sized businesses and self-employed men and women often shy away from enlisting the services of an agency. But getting support isn’t an expensive undertaking: small, targeted measures such as well-made websites, high-quality presentation materials or simply getting help in dealing with media and phone tools are steps that pay off. They can make a tremendous difference in how you appeal to clients and really boost your workflow.

About us.

Flamacon is an international content technology agency based in Munich. A full-service marketing, PR and communications agency, we offer you everything you need to further your visibility on the market, while our 360° productions take brand new approaches in destination development and tourism marketing.